What’s the Future of Cannabis Investment Opportunities in Pennsylvania?

Looking for the next big cannabis investment opportunities in Pennsylvania? The piecemeal adoption of recreational cannabis legislation across the United States means that while some states are already reaping the tax benefits and greater employment opportunities of a legal marijuana market, others are lagging behind. However, the country’s 6th most populated state may soon be the latest to legalize the recreational cannabis industry. Cannabis Growth Fund is examining the possibilities available to investors in Pennsylvania cannabis enterprises.

Cannabis Market in Pennsylvania Grows Apace

In spite of the lack of FDA approval, opposition from the current administration’s Department of Health and Human Services, and a half-hearted attitude to its legitimization by Presidential candidate Joe Biden, cannabis continues to grow in popularity and profitability. Since medical marijuana was legalized in Pennsylvania in 2018, cannabis operations in the state have exploded. Growth in the second year of the market was 280%, and growth is expected to continue in 2020 (albeit not as explosively). It is expected that sales in 2020 will come in between $675 million and $800 million. Another important statistic is that over 60% of the population is in favor of legalizing adult use of cannabis, a statistic broadly in line with national opinion. Currently, however, there are no ballot measures to make cannabis legal in Pennsylvania. The main ongoing effort is HB 2050, a Bill submitted by state representative Jake Wheatley.

Pennsylvania Pot Stocks Poised to Thrive if Adult Use Cannabis is Legalized

There are many Keystone State cannabis companies and multi-state operators (MSOs) striving to capitalize on any legalization push in Pennsylvania. With both the Governor and Lieutenant Governor in support of legalization there is something of a cannabis countdown to when it is viable to expand operations in the state. Many MSOs are ready to rev up their operations even before the ink dries on the Bill.

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